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Enhancing security measures and optimizing safety protocols

Solutions that identify, protect, detect, and respond to current and emerging cyber threats.We are experienced Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) professionals supporting critical infrastructure and mission support environments.

Our Cyber Capabilities

Standards, Policy & Governance

When forming the backbone of organizational cybersecurity operations, the standards, policies, and governance should be clearly outlined, specific to your mission, consistent with your business objectives, and aligned with your compliance requirements. Comprehensive governance solutions should reinforce cyber hygiene, enhance security awareness, and exemplify practices that reduce or mitigate risk. LST has expertise in developing standards, creating effective policies, and integrating governance processes that harmonize with your existing policies and regulatory requirements.

Risk Assessment & Operational Impact Analysis

Cyberattacks can halt operations, erode customer trust, and cause financial and economic disruptions—all of which can be disastrous. Rockwoods develops a deep understanding of your operation and its business environment so that we can efficiently assess risk in the context of your specific needs. We conduct operational impact analyses with multiple dimensions, including safety, mission assurance, business continuity, and privacy. Using quantitative and qualitative risk assessments, we help develop prioritization strategies to mitigate operational impacts. Additionally, we provide domain expertise to assist with authorization, implementation, and remediation activities.

Security Architecture & Enterprise Solutions

Rockwoods continuously researches emerging technologies to evaluate their utility in your business environment. We help identify enterprise-level cybersecurity capabilities, adapting architectures to integrate enterprise solutions within roadmaps in alignment with strategic planning. Our engineers assist in planning for innovative technology insertion, abilities, and solutions by collaboratively developing the project, program, and enterprise requirements.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive security strategy combining industry leading best practices and vertical focused assessments. Today’s multifaceted attacks and vectors require a broad yet integrated security solution. Rockwoods understands the importance of integrating and correlating several cybersecurity defense solutions:
Rockwoods is the ideal partner to engineer a solution based on security industry best practices and best of breed solutions, offering a comprehensive security framework and tailored solution.

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